Deplorables 2

Attribution to Gage Skidmore
Attribution to Gage Skidmore
Attribution to Gage Skidmore

The Highland Park shooting happened on July 4. The shooting resulted in 7 deaths and more than two dozen injured. Life long loss and life long traumas have been inflicted.

Fox News, as always, has deflected from the obvious. The obvious, as with Buffalo, Uvalde, El Paso, Las Vegas and others is the easy access to guns and the extremist view of the 2nd amendment.

Tucker Carlson is blaming this shooting on women. Women are driving young men nuts. He actually said that.

Laura Ingraham blamed the shooting on pot. She noted that the shooter was a regular pot user. Regular use of pot creates in many people psychosis and violent tendencies. She said that.

Jesse Watters blamed the shooting on the facial tattoos that the shooter had. He actually said that. Yes he did.

Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell, a Fox contributor, blamed the shooting on mental health.

I had to watch the video of the three deplorables and Mitch ( I can’t really put him in the deplorable category – yet) a few times just to make sure they actually said that. It sickened me each time I watched the videos.. It really did.

Well, deplorables and Mitch. We here, in Canada, have women, pot users, facial tattoos and mental health issues. But we sure as hell do not have the freaking slaughters that your country has.

The obscene defence of the second amendment in your country blows me away. Then again I should not be surprised. You did elect Donald Trump as president, after all.

I know that a lot of Americans are just as confounded as I am and I apologize for lumping you in this group.

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