Clown Show

Attribution to Michael Vadson – Flickr

The Donald Trump clown show saga continues. Steve Bannon was subpoened by the January 6 Committee, a number of months ago, to testify before the Committee. Bannon refused, citing executive priviledge. The Department of Justice (DOJ) indicted Bannon for contempt. The trial for Bannon is supposed to start later this month. If found guilty, Bannon could face up to a year in jail

In a letter from Trump to Bannon, dated July 9, Trump stated, that upon seeing how Bannon has been so unfairly treated, Trump is waiving executive priviledge. First of all, only the current president has executive priviledge. But, given that this the Trump clown show, whatever. You might want to google the letter to get full appreciation of the fantastically screwed up reality these people are living in.

It gets better. Court documents, just released, shows that the FBI interviewed Trump lawyer, Justin Clark, on June 29. Clark stated , at the time, that Trump never invoked executive priviledge , regarding Bannon. The DOJ is now saying that Bannon’s last minute reversal is too little too late and the trial will proceed.

Regarding Bannon testifying before the Committee, I am pretty sure it will not happen. Bannon will want to testify live and turn the entire proceedings into a Trump inspired circus. The Committee will require a videotaped deposition with numerous questions. Bannon can not go for that because he will have to testify honestly, such as his role in the events leading to January 6.

The end result? This is much ado about nothing and Bannon will undergo the contempt trial. Trump’s clown show continues.

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