Biden Heckled

Joe Biden was heckled at an event and, in this case, the heckler was justified in doing so. There was an event at the White House celebrating the recent passage of the federal gun safety law. In a previous chirp I mentioned that, as a Canadian, where there is no second amendment, the gun safety law, in my view, was very weak.

The heckler was Manuel Oliver. He lost his 17 year old son, during the Parkland school massacre, in 2018. The massacre resulted in the deaths of 14 students and three staff members. Oliver, interrupted Biden’s speech by yelling, amongst other things, “We have to do more than that.” Oliver tweeted, earlier in the day, that the passing of the gun safety law, after the recent mass shooting in Uvalde, was no cause for celebration.

Biden is in a bind here. This was the first major gun safety bill passed in three decades. With a 50/50 split in the senate and some Democrat senators having a pro gun base, this was the best Biden could get. Unfortunately, more massacres will have to happen (and they will) before there is any more possible movement towards stronger gun control. The United States has already had close to 400 mass shootings this year.

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