Deplorables 3

Yes, I intentionally made this image small, because the person in the image is a small little deplorable of the worst kind.

There was an article in the Indianapolis Star on July 1, detailing the account of a ten year old girl that had been raped in Ohio. Ohio has outlawed any abortion after a woman (girl – little girl – child) has been pregnant for six weeks. The article stated that the child had gone to Indiana to have an abortion. The source for the story was an obstetrician-gynecologist, who took care of the child in Indiana. She had done so, after she had conferred with a child abuse doctor in Ohio.

The deplorables came out after that. Jesse Watters, a previously identified deplorable, in another chirp, hosted the AG from Ohio, who said, that there was no shred of evidence that a crime had been committed. The Wall Street Journal penned an editorial, entitled “An abortion story too good to confirm”. A number of Fox News entertainers cast doubt on the validity of the claim. Jim Jordan tweeted out “Another lie. Anyone surprised”.

On Wednesday, a man from Ohio was arrested for the rape. He confessed to having raped the ten year old twice. The deplorables are now dancing, either deleting their tweets or deflecting to other topics. Well, not all deplorables. The AG for Indiana, who I shall leave nameless, has announced that he (of course it is a he) will investigate the Indiana doctor, who helped the raped chicd, to determine if the doctor committed any crime. Speechless.

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