4 And 187

The January 6 Committee will have its prime time hearing tonight. FOX PROPOGANDA, also known as FOX NEWS, will not be carrying it. There will be four audiences watching tonight. The American audience, except for Trumpers who will be watching FOX PROPOGANDA, the world audience (will American democracy be saved), the audience of one (we all know who that is), and, most importantly, the Department of Justice (DOJ). Attorney General Merrick Garland was emphatic yesterday in saying that no one, including the former President, is above the law.

The Committee, in its previous hearings, has stitched together an excellent narrative of the events leading up to the 187 minutes, where Trump watched the insurrection unfold. This includes the hollywood ending that Trump wanted, leading the armed (he knew they were armed) insurrectionists, to the Capitol. Tonight, the Committee will detail, with testimony provided by White House staffers, who were there that day, what Trump did during those 187 minutes. It will show his absolute dereliction of duty. Make no mistake, the ketchup will fly tonight.

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