By Nancy Wong – Own Work
By Bundesarchiv, Bild

Some might say I am in left field, on this one. You are entitled to your opinion. This is mine. Jim Jones, picured on the left, was a cult leader. I would not call him evil. I would call him deluded and self absorbed. Over 900 people in Jonestown died, including over 300 children. They actually drank the kool aid and died for it.

The person on the right was pure evil. Over six million Jews and nearly 50 million people, in total, died because of this evil. He started off as a cult leader. He eventually caused World War 2.

The person in the centre? Trumpism is a cult. He once claimed that he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and still be elected. I would not call him evil, but he is almost everything else. The January 6 hearings has shown him to be the person he is. He is self absorbed, a liar and he cares for only one person, that beinmg himself. He has threatened American democracy more than any sleeper agent Russia could ever dreamed of. Most of the witnesses at the January 6 Committee hearing were loyal Republicans, in fact, many were loyal Trumpers. Many of these same witnesses have received death threats and are in hiding. Yet, despite all this, he may run again and he masy get elected. If that is not proof of a cult, I don’t know what is.

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