Attribution to World Economic Forum – Remy Steinegger

Stephen Harper has endorsed Freedom Convoy supporter Pierre Poilievre to be the next leader of the Federal Conservative Party. Poilievre was a member of Harper’s Cabinet when Harper was Prime Minister. Harper stated that Poilievre has the best chance, of the Conservative leadership candidates, to be the nextPrime Minister of Canada. This is the first time that Harper has endorsed a leadership candidate. He did not do so, during the 2017 or the 2019 leadership campaigns.

On the other side of the coin, former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is a supporter of Jean Charest. Then you have former senate leader Marjory LeBreton, who was an advisor to Stephen Harper. She has concerns that the combative Poilievre might be leading the party to a fracture between the Old Reform Party, led by Preston Manning and the Conservative Party, then led by Peter McKay. LeBreton is especially concerned about Poilievre’s support of the Freedom Convoy and its occupation of Ottawa back in February. She claims that a cornerstone of Conservative policy is “law and order” She adds that how can you support the Freedom Convoy’s actions in February and claim to be the party of law and order. The leadership vote will be held in September.

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