Deplorables 4

Ctopped. Original photo attributed to Steve Jurvelson from Monlo Park, USA

There is an LIV golf tournament being held at Donald Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf course. The LIV is a rival to the PGA and is funded by Saudi Arabia. The PGA used to have tournaments at Trump owned golf courses, but, given his controversies, the PGA has backed out of its contract with Trump.

Bedminster New Jersey is not far from the 911 twin towers site. Over 700 people who died that day were from New Jersey, some of them from Bedminster. Of the 19, terrorists, that day, 15 were from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is also responsible for the killing of the American journalist, in Washington, of Jamal Kharsoggi.

The 911 families had requested that Thrump not hold the LIV tournament at his Bedminster golf course. He, of course, ignored the request. As for the Kharsoggi slaying, Trump is claiming that the uproar over that has died down. When ESPN pressed him on the holding of the Saudi backed tournament at Bedminster, Trump replied that no one has gotten to the bottom of 911 and they should have. This is in direct contradiction to statements he made years ago, when he acknowledged the 15 Saudi terrorists.

Trump does not give a crap about anyone but himself. He does care about money though

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