Tide is Turning? 2

Attribution to Billy Hathon – Own Work

Things, at times, start slow and then build up. In a previous chirp, I noted that there were two Rupert Murdoch properties, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, that carried critical editorials on Donald Trump.. Another Murdoch property, Fox Propoganda, also known as Fox News, did not carry a Trump rally, live. Small things yes. But…

Trump gave a speech in Washington last week. His first time back in Washington since he left on the day Biden was inaugurated. Mike Pence was delivering a speech, the same day, in Washington. Fox Propoganda carried 17 minites of Pence’s speech and no minutes, nada, of Trump’s speech. CNN stated, that according to a Fox source, this was not a coincidence. While Fox is not shutting off the spotlight on Trump, they are dimming it, so that other 2024 GOP candidates have a chance to bask in the spotlight. This surely must be driving trump more insane than he already is.

Two possible reasons were given for the dimming of the spotlight. First, Trump is not as entertaining as he was back in 2015/16. If Fox is anything, based on their night time hosts, Fox loves to entertain its audience, news be damned. The second reason is that the pushing of Trump’s lies is expensive. Fox is being sued for over a billion dollars by Dominion for the voting machine conspiracies that Fox pushed.

There will be Fox Trumper viewers that will leave Fox for Newsmax or OAN. Seems that Fox is willing to take that risk, hoping that their new golden boy Ron DeSantis, will minimize the potential loss of viewers. Furthermore, Newsmax has a much smaller reach and OAN is on life support and may not be around much longer. That tide is growing.

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