Truth Stranger Than Fiction 3

Taken from CNN News Website

CNN took these pictures from Maggie Haberman’s (New York Times reporter) upcoming book, “Confidence Man,” and the images were earlier posted by Axios.

So what is the deal with showing images of paper in a toilet, on a Monday morning. Well, one of the toilets is a White House toilet. The other toilet was one that Donald Trump used while on an overseas trip. These are notes that Trump tried to flush down the toilet. The printing is from Trump’s well known black marker. You know, that type of marker he used to show, on a map, the hurricane hitting Alabama, when it didn’t.

Trump had a habit of destroying notes and memo’s that he made which he did not want to go public. For example, during flights, Trump would review draft memo’s and tweets that he had made and tear apart those that he did not want revealed. Trump also moved a number of boxes, containing confidential files, to his Florida home , after he LOST the election. The files were returned, but, who knows how many files he destroyed. One more thing, the actions of destroying files and taking confidential files to his Florida home are illegal. But that never stopped Trump. Think of it. Trump tried to flush files down the toilet. Plumbers had to come a few times to unplug. Whatever. Stuff like this I usually categorize it as “politics”. This is not really politics. I categorized it as “uncategorized” because I don’t have an “insanity” category.

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