His Lies are Killing

What a way to end a week having to chirp about this crappy subject. Right off the top of my head, I go back to his big lie before the “Big Lie”, saying the Mueller Report totally exonerated him. LIAR!! Did not. There was evidence of obstruction of justice. Mueller recognized that a sitting president could not be indicted. Mueller left it to congress. Congress eventually impeached Trump twice. The Republican senate ended it. Remember, Trump did not cooperate at all. He forbid his staff from responding to subpoenas during the Mueller investigation.

The “Big Lie” It resulted in January 6. Lives, including blue lives, which Republicans pretend to treasure, were lost. Death threats to election officials and elected members have run rampant.

Mar-a lago is the latest s#$% storm caused by this liar and has resulted, so far, in the loss of one Trump supporter’s life. This episode has smelled to high heaven right from the start. The FBI wanted this to be a low profile search. Trump exploded it by yelling it to the world. Republicans complained about the raid. There was a meeting at Mar-a-lago on June third where 15 boxes of documents were provided to investigators. True. But, and this is a big but, this was only after a subpoena had been issued for White House files to be retreived. Files that Trump never should have had, at Mar-a-lago, in the first place.

Now it came out through an inside informant, that there were more files that were not provided to investigators on June third. So Trump did not fully comply with the subpoena. Crime. Trump should not have had any files at Mar-a-lago. Crime. Now it is coming out that the files, not provided on June third, and seized this week, included files related to nuclear weapons. Nuclear Weapons!!!.

Top Secret files. Files that could have been stolen. Threats to national security files. What was Trump going to do with these files? Show them off to his friends? Sell them to the Saudis? Natuarally, right wing media went nuts over the raid, backed by Trump. Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for the FBI to be defunded. FBI agents are getting death threats. A Trump supporter who was in Washington on January 6, tried to attack an FBI office in Ohio and eventually lost his life. I am pissed, at Trump, at his elected Republicam wimps and at the right wing media lackeys. This whole thing sickens me. I am going to take a shower and wash this filth off.

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