Under Oath

Attribution to Gage Skidmore
AVttribution to Gage Skidmore

What a rogue’s gallery this is. With all the stuff happening right now, this news is barely making a ripple, but it will come next Spring. Dominion Voting Systems is suing Fox Propoganda (also known as Fox News) for 1.6 billion dollars, for defamation. Fox lawyers, earlier this year, tried to get the case thrown out. They failed. The case goes to trial next April.

Dominion is claiming that Fox “sold a false story of election fraud”. Dominion adds that Fox, after Trump’s 2020 election loss, was losing viewers to further right newtworks. They tried to get viewers back “by intentionally and falsely blaming Dominion for President Trump’s loss, by rigging the election”.

Carlson is set to be deposed August 26, the day of this chirp, while Hannity and former Fox host Lou Dobbs will be deposed next. Other personalities, such as Jennine Pirro, have already been deposed. This must be a difficult process for all of them. They have to do this under oath. That means they have to tell the truth,or commit perjury. As we know, Donald Trump, recently, in a civil law suit in New York, pleaded the fifth 440 times. Give him credit, though, he did answer the question “what is your name”.

This is like a little kid waiting for Christmas, while it is only August. We probably won’t know what these personalities (can’t call them news people) answered until next year. Maybe it will be leaked. One more thing, this goes right to the top of the Fox News organization. Rupert Murdoch will also be deposed.

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