But I Declassified Them!!

Trump’s sad saga of the documents at Mar-a-lago continues. When his resort was searched Trump claimed great surprise, saying that he has been cooperating with the Government, all along regarding the files. Well, that lie has been proven to be what it is, a lie.

By way of a brief timeline, in May of 2021, not 2022, but 2021, the National Archive and Research Administration (NARA), reached out to the Trump team about missing documents. After 8 months of haggling, in January 2022, NARA received 15 boxes of materials. These material contained 700 pages of classified documents with labels ranging from Confidential, to Secret, to Top Secret.. NARA reported this to the DOJ, eventually resulting in a subpoena for whatever documents were left at Mar-a-lago. The Trump team provided more documents in June and in a letter, a Trump lawyer confirmed that there were no more documents. The search, later on in the Summer, showed that to be a lie.

Trump says that he declassified all these documents througfh a standing order. Top Trump White House officials claimed they never heard of such a thing. Furthermore, there is a set declassification process in place, that was not followed.

Be that as it may, let’s say Trump had the authority to do this. DOJ, in their review of the January (not even the ones gathered later) indicate there were documents that were human sourced (spies), documents not for consumption by foreign countries and documents for view to a very limited few and only in a government secure location.

If anyone, such as a foreign entity, was able to access such files, lives would be at risk and the country’s security would be vulnerable and risk being compropmised. Mar-a lago is not a secure location. Video surveillance shows a number of people able to roam freely through the resort. Files were supposed to be secured and they were not. They were supposed to be in a secure location and surveillance shows a number of people having access to that location. Furthermore not all files were in that location, but elsewhere in the resort.

Reports are now coming out of a 33 year old Ukranian woman who impersonated an heiress of the Rothschild dynasty and who had access to the Trump inner circle. All of this is breathtaking. For Trump to even say “Well, I declassified all these documents” is just utter stupidity. A damage assessment is now being conducted to analyse the damage that could be done with the excposure of these documents

If this involved any other person, that person would face a long term prison sentence. Donald Trump is not above the law. The full force of the US legal system has to be applied on Trump. Period.

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