Alberta Embarrassment

Attribution to Hildenbrand/MSC

Keith Olbermann is a well known sports commentater, in the US. For a while, he had his own show on MSNBC. At the end of each show, he had a segment called “Worst Person in the World”. He would name he person and give the explanation as to why that person got the honour for that day. Not surprisingly, Fox personalities received the honour a number of times.

Chrystia Freeland, is the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. She was born in Peace River, Alberta and went to High School in Edmonton. If and when Justin Trudeau resigns, she has been touted as the next leader of the Liberal Party. No, she is not a worst person in the world candidate. Not today anyways.

The honour, at least for this chirp, is Elliot McDavid. No relation to Connor McDavid (I hope). Freeland was visiting the city of Grande Prairie, Alberta, recently. She was at City Hall, entering an elevator, on her way to visit the mayor of Grande Prairie. As she was about to enter the elevator, she was verbally attacked, by this big muscular a-hole, who, if you look at the videos, is the very stereotypical image of an Alberta redneck, named Elliot McDavid. You honestly need to google either her name or his so that you can watch the video. McDavid spouted just pure filth for about a minute until the elevator doors finally closed.

McDavid is the extreme of the extreme right. He was not in Ottawa for the convoy, but he was present at convoy activities in Alberta. He is a true conspiratarist and also super anti government. He believes that Venezuela was the richest country in the world until “they took away their guns”. He vows to take Alberta back, and then to take Canada back. He is of that group that believes that Canada is communist and currently under a tyrannical dictatorship. I think you get the picture.

This happened in my province, an Albertan doing it to a former Albertan, and it is as disgusting as heck. (heck?). If you go on twitter, you will see some dimwits actually tweeting support for this a-hole. Naturally politicians of all stripes have condemned this. Except, so far, for one notable politician, that being, of course, Pierre Poilievre. The Conservative Party is also trying to scrub all pictures of a handshake between Poilievre and McDavid, appearing to show McDavid giving advice to Pierre. The characters Pierre takes pictures with! McDavid wins the worst person in the world honour for today.

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