With Friends Like These

Trump and his legal team keep shooting themselves in the foot. The way things are going it is no longer, if he goes to prison, but, how many years. The following are just a few examples within the last couple of days.

Trump’s team provided a submission regarding the request for a Special Master. One of Trump’s arguments has been his flimsy claim that he declassified all the documents at Mar-a-Lago. The submission destroyed that claim by stating that people should not be shocked that there were classified documents.

“Simply put, the notion that Presidential records would contain sensitive information should have never been cause for alarm,”.

Donnie, anyways, you are no longer President. These files are not yours to have. The submission also stated that the Special Master should have a clearance level that would enable him/her to review the classified files that Donnie does not have because there are no classified files. Mind boggling.

Trump is no friend to himself. Pretty soon he will claim that he does not know this person, Donald Trump. Trump claimed that the FBI planted the documents. He blew himself out of the water when he expressed his anger over the image of the files on his office carpet. He claimed that he never leaves files on the floor, but, that the FBI took the files from his cartons and laid them on the floor. He, therefore admitted that these were his files, as opposed to FBI planted files.

One last example of many, of his legal team sabotaging Trump comes from the Sean Hannity show, where a Trump lawyer was adressing the same image. The lawyer said that she has been in Trump’s office many times, in fact, many people go into his office. So, many people go into his office where he has unsecured classified files. Goodness. A headache coming on.

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