Snowfall Warning

Attribution to Alexey Kljatovv – Own Work

The MAGAverse is full of witty sayings and insults aimed at Liberals. One of their favourite terms is cancel culture. Yep, this from a group of people who want to cancel out a woman’s right to choose and are waging wars against such seditious characters, as Big Bird from Sesame Street. Lets get Disney cancelled out while we are at it.

A favourite insult they use when they think Liberals “feelings” have been hurt is to call them snowflakes. Well, there are sure a hell of a lot of them, in MAGAland this morning, following Joe Biden’s democracy speech, in Philadelphia, last night. They are coming out of the woodwork, or, I guess, clouds, in this case. Blizzard

The truth hurts. Biden did not go after the Republican party, per se, he went after a specific segment within the Republican tent. He was like a bouncer at a bar, leaving the nine orderly tables alone but going after that one table who were knocking down drinks and yelling obscenities at everyone else at the bar. Biden, all he wasa doing, was coming out with facts. He covered January 6, he covered the death threats, and, amongst other things, he covered the election deniers. All this has, or is happening. He said that these MAGA extremists are a threat to democracy. A recent poll shows that near 70% of Americans are concerned about the threat to democracy.

The MAGAverse is exploding, in hurt feelings, this morning, led by the top extremists, such as Lauren Boebert. They are calling Biden,fascist, a divider, anti-democratic and so on. They are saying that he insulted half the country last night. No he did not. He went after a specific segment of the Republican base. I have not heard how Trump has reacted. It may be that he is waiting for the truckload of ketchup to arrive.

Biden’s speech has, naturally, rocked the twitterverse with a huge number of positive responses. Some Republicans (knowing this is going to hurt their party) are consoling themselves that not many people go on twitter. Really? Trump had 90 million followers. Now on Truth Social he has about 9, but that is a chirp for another day.

One last witty insult that the MAGAverse came up with is to call Biden, Brandon. Well, beware the arrival of Dark Brandon., scourge of the MAGA extremists.

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