How You Like Me Now?

Just a little over a month ago, Joe Biden’s approval rating was tanking. According to Gallup, Biden’s approval rating was down to 38%. Democrats were concerned that his low approval rating would be a drag on an already gloomy mid term election outlook. Well, a lot has changed. Biden’s approval rating is up to 44% and definitely trending upwards. Furthermore, Democrats are thinking, the unthinkable, the possibility of winning both the House and the Senate in November. What happened?

Biden had already passed some legislation, imclude a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill, something that Trump failed to do. But that was nearly ten months ago. Other initiatives that Biden was trying to pass were running into roadblocks. Then, pushed by Biden:

Gun reform legislation passed.

Funding to help computer chipmakers compete against China was approved

Health care funding for veterans affected by burn pits was approverd

al-Qaeda leader assassinated.

A big win for Biden was when he got Joe Mancin and Krysten Sinema on board to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, resulting, amongst other items, in a major climate change initiative and future reduced prescription drug costs. Biden added to that by forgiving up to $20 thousand in student loans.

The overturning of Roe vs Wade happened and Biden has been all over that. Donald Trump is still happening and Biden, in a speech, in Philadelphia, went on the attack against MAGA Republicans. While Republicans, for the most part reacted angrily to the speech, calling it divisive, Democrats and Independents reacted favourably. Furthermore, Trump in a speech a few days later called Biden an enemy of the state. In the same speech, Trump heaped praise on America’s two greates enemies, Putin and Xi, calling them better leaders than Biden. Talk about divisive.

Things can change in a heartbeat. Come October, it could be a whole new landscape. But for now, Biden is looking a whole lot better than he has, in a while

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