Stop the Wokeness!!

There will be a new tv series coming out on Amazon Prime, based on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, called Rings of Power. Many on the right are complaining about trhe wokeness of this series, given that there are characters of colour. They are saying that diversity has gone too far and it is going against the spirit of the trilogy. These critics are stating that obviously the trilogy is based on a European influence given that that author, of the trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkein, lived in England and he never intended to have people of colour in the trilogy.. The diversity backlash is so fierce that Amazon Prime has delayed the series start up date by three days to address all the fake reviews on the series. Many of these fake rewviews are giving the series a one star audience rating. How dare this series go against the spirit of what the Middle Kingdom truly represented?!! A travesty!!

The picture above is an image of Jesus being baptized. I sourced it from Wikipedia. As per the bible, Jesus lived in the middle east. The image above shows a white Jesus. In reality, Jesus was a person of colour. Yet, these same critics, who are so upset about coloured characters in a fictional Middle Kingdom are perfectly fine with a white Jesus. In fact, these same critics, would be up in arms if the image of Jesus was not white. The stink of hypocrisy is rank.

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