70 years

Original by Joel Rouse/ Minister of Defence

Queen Elizabeth II passed yesterday at the age of 96. She was Queen longer than most of us have been alive. I remember in kindergarten, when dinosaurs still walked the earth, singing “God Save the Queen”. I have friends on both siides of the spectrum here. I have friends from Quebec and indigenous friends who don’t give a crap. I also have friends who are extremely emotional about her passing. I respect the positions of both.

When she became Queen, television was at its infancy. The space race had not even begun yet, officially. She has overseen substantial change. To many, the monarchy has had its day. To others, no. The Royal Family, unlike some other Monarch families, did not leave, Britain during WW2. The, then Princess, as a teenager, played a role in the war effort. As Queen, she saw the decolonization of a number of countries. I was in Ottawa, in 1982, and was able to see, on an unseasonably warm day, from far back, seeing the constitution signed. Poured rain right after the ceremony.

The Queen oversaw controversies. Diana. Need I say more. I, along with many others, have watched all 4 seasons of the Crown. The Queen comes off as someone who was a strong believer in the duty of the Monarchy, even, at the expense of her own family such as when her sister wanted to marry a previously married Peter Townsend..

It will be interesting to see what happens now, with long time Prince in waiting Charles now becoming King. King Charles III. That is going to take a while to get used to. The Queen will have a mourning period and funeral that she and her loyal adherents deserve. Respect and dignity. The Queen is dead. Long live the King!

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