Beware of Rat Cornered

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There are a number of rats, in my opinion, who all must feel cornered right now. There is Trump, of course, there is the Iranian government, but, the most dangerous cornered rat, right now, is Putin.

Putinn has had a number, and, to him, I am sure, unimaginable setbacks, in the last little while. The was the Ukranian offensive that caused the Russian military to flee, leaving behind their dead and their weapons. Then, there was rising protests, in the streets of Russia, and, increasing dissent, by government officials and, even, on state run tv. Putin responded by announcing a conscrition of 300,000 russians to go into the Ukraine meatgrinder. The result was increased protests, military recruiting offices being vandalized and extremely long lineups, of Russians, at borders, fleeing conscription.

Putin never expected this, in his worse nightmares. His next step was to call for sham elections, in disputed Eastern areas of Ukraine, where many democracy supporting Ukranians, have already fled. Expected sham results occurred, justifying, to Putin, annexing these areas to Russia.

Now the worrisome parts. Putin has already said that if Russia’s borders are threatened, he would consider using nuclear weapons. He has just annexed parts of Ukraine, as Russian territory. A close ally of Putin has just stated that the West would not respond if Putin used a nuclear weapon, on Ukraine, because Ukraine is not worth causin a global inferno. The US has just announced an advisory that Americans get out of Russia, now.

What dose a rat do when it is cornered? Think Trump. Think January 6. This can be far worse. Trump has offered to negotiate a settlement between his friend Putin and his enemy Zelensky. Yeah, right. Trump’s solution would be to annex all of Ukraine to Russia. The hope is that cooler heads prevail. Thing is, though, Putin is a hot headed former KGB officer. One would hope that an internal revolt would eliminate Putin. But, just like Trump tried, Putin has surrounded his inner circle with Putin loyalist, yes men. Think Rudy, Roger Stone, John Eastman and, potential betrayer, Mark Meadows. Give your loved ones and extra hug tonight.

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