Lie All The Time

Maggie Haberman, from the New York Times, is coming out with a book tomorrow, about Donald Trump, called “Confidence Man”. Her research process involved, interviewing Trump, which she recorded, in September 2021. While more will be revealed when the book comes out, Haberman did release audio of some of that interview. The level of lies is just astounding. Two examples below.

Trump claimed that with regard to documents he may have taken to Mar-a-Lago, that he took “… nothing of great urgency…” This, naturally was a bald faced lie. However, that was not the most atrocious of lies. Trump was asked, what he was doing on January 6. This was his response.

“I had heard that afterwards, and actually on the late side. I was having meetings. I was also with (then-White House chief of staff) Mark Meadows and others. I was not watching television. I didn’t have the television on..I didn’t usually have the television on. I’d have it on if there was something. I then later turned it on and I saw what was happening.”

Is anyone surprised by his galling lies? The sad part is that if any MAGAnuts actually hear this audio, they will find some irrational excuse to explain it away. Pathetic.

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