Moscow (Person Below)

Attribution to Gage Skidmore

My mom was born in Eastern Poland. The town she was born in, is now part of Ukraine. She had no love for the Russians, calling them Russkies. (oo sound – like wood). I guess a big reason was that they invaded her country and were pretty brutal. After the was she ended up in a displaced persons (DP) camp in Germany. She had the chance to go back to Russian controlled Poland, but, no way.

I don’t know if she gets Fox News, up in heaven (probably, more likely at that other place), but if she does, her mortal remains are probably rolling over in her grave.

Putin is evil. There is no other way to put it. His countrymen are starting to get the courage to protest against him. Tens of thousands of Russians have fled the country, rather than face conscription. The Ukraine has gained even more ground, in the last few days, even claiming some areas that Putin annexed through his sham elections.

The person, in the image above, was a vocal supporter of Russia and Putin, prior to the invasion. Many figured that he would stop supporting Putin once the invasion happened. He did for a bit. But only a bit. Ever since, he has been voicing favour to Putin, questioning America’s support of Ukraine, and, even claiming, despite all evidence to the contrary that Russia is winning the invasion. In that sense he represents Trump’s base, in that he is a fact denier. Furthermore, he has become the Tokyo Rose of our generation.

Sadly, his show is the highest rated show on his channel. Sadly, his audience is falling for his garbage. I just started going on twitter. But I am seeing more and more Republican tweets questioning the monies being spent by the US on Ukraine. The naivete is stunning. If Putin had his way, if he had been correct in his assumption that the US and NATO would just stand by and do nothing, Putin would not have stopped at Ukraine. His stated goal was to have Russia return to the status and territories it had when it was the Soviet Union. But denialism has become the new standard for the person in the image above and those of his ilk. I have one word for him. Traitor.

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