No blank Cheque

Lot of competing issues that could be chirped today including Liz Truss pulling a British version of a Scaramucci by resigning as leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister, after only six weeks, and, ongoing legal woes for Trump and his Trumpkins. But today’s chirp is about the world wide consequences that could happen if the Republicans win the house in the upcoming midterms.

Kevin McCarthy is currently the Republican minority leader in the House of Congress. He has aspirations to be House Speaker if the Republicans win the House, in November. He knows that if he has any chance of winning the Speakership, he has to appeal to the lunatic right including people like Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG). McCarthy has already stated that should the GOP come to power, he will give MTG plently of powerful roles. The lunatic right, led by the cheerleader Tucker Carlson, (whenever I see his name I replace the first letter of his first name with another letter, you can imagine which letter) are having a love fest with Putin and Russia. McCarthy recently stated that should the Republicans come to power there is no guarantee that Ukraine will get a blank cheque, to fund Ukraine’s fight for their country against Putin’s Russia

Tucker Carlson, of course, is eating this up. RT, the Russian tv proganda network, is eating this up. Putin is loving this. How could he not? Who is not eating this up. NATO, the Western world in general and, using a Soviet term from decades ago, the freedom loving peoples of the world.

Putin is evil, plain and simple. He is former KGB. He wants Russia to go backj to being the Soviet Union, with all the countries that formed the USSR. He has aspirations, to once again, control the former Eastern Bloc countries such as my ancestral home, Poland. He has already taken steps to do so, such as interfering with elections in other countries, including Canada and the US.

McCarthy and the lunatic right are just playing into Putin.’s hands. Look at how destabalized US politics has become since the ascension of Putin’s preferred choice, Trump, back in 2016. American democracy is under attack. January 6, according to some Republicans, was just a normal day.

Putin has just declared Martial Law in the four Ukranian areas that he just annexed. One of his powers, now, is his ability to force Ukranians, in those areas, into the military to fight against their countrymen. He is currently bombing civilian targets with drones made in Iran. If US military assistance stops, Putrid spellin error (deliberate spelling error) will steamroll over Ukraine and commence preparations for his next targets. Putrid wants his legacy and Ukraine is continuation following Crimea (formerly part of Ukraine) and Georgia. Putrid is evil personified.

I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. I am supremely pissed as to what is going on with McCarthy and his lunatic fringe. Later.

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