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Attribution to Simon Dawson / 10 Downing Street

This is Liz Truss. She was the Prime Minister of Britain for 45 days. She was the fourth Conservative leader, in Britain, since 2016. She was also the fourth British Prime Minister in Britain, since 2016, given that the Conservative Party has been the ruling party, since then. Many felt that she was not qualified for the job. Her budget that had major tax cuts for the rich but no way to pay for it crashed the markets for a few days and caused the Brirtish Pound to tumble.

Britain and the US were the two major English speaking democracies that world could look at for stable leadership. Well, that sure has changed. Two linchpin figures have put paid to that, those being Boris Johnson, in Britain and ,of course, Donald Trump in the US. Both democracies are in crisis now. Britain, with an inflation rate of over 10%, will have its fifth Prime Minister, since 2016, by next week. The US will have its midterms in two weeks where the house could very well go back to Republican control. Both Johnson, he of Brexit fame, and Trump, could very well become Prime Minister and President of their respective countries, again. Putin, with all his woes in Ukraine is loving this and will use everything in his toolkit to ensure it happens.

The future, while potentially dismal for both countries, looks worse for the US. The Conservatives, in Britain, may elect a stabalizing presence, next week, to succeed Tross as Prime Minister. The Conservatives, right now, if they were to call a general election, would get slaughtered by the Labour Party. However, the next election does not need to happen until January 2025. So, the Conservatives have time to right the ship, or, if Johnson gets back in, it could be a couple of more years of turmoil.

As bad as that may seem, it is even worse in the US. If the Republicans gain control of the house in November, major chair positions could go to people such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. The lunatic right will hold considerable power. They could set up an acidic environment such that Trump could be elected again as President in 2024. If that happens, America would become an autocracy. No doubt.

Have a happy Fridauy all. Glad to be the bearer of good news.

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