Respiratory Syncitia Virus (RSV) is the latest health concern hitting North America. This cold like virus is coming to the scene much earlier than normal. According to one American Doctor

“We’re seeing RSV infections going rampant all throughout the country,”

Almost all kids before the age of two catch the virus. When adults get it, the symotoms are usuuaslly mild. It can be dangerous for seniors who have chronic heart and/or lung problems, or, with weakened immine systems. It also can be dangerous for children under two, especially if they have the same issues as described above for seniors. The symptoms are like that of a common cold, usually last for five days to a couple of weeks with a cough sometimes lasting up to four weeks. Dehydration is a concern to be wary of.

The best way to prevent RSV is to have kids cough into a tissue or their elbow instead of their hands. Far far easier said than done. If someone else in the house has it, masks should be worn, to prevent spreading. I can already see the hackles of the anti maskers rising . If someone is sick in the home, stay home.

There is currently an RSV epidemic occurring in the Baffin Island region of Nunavut. There is a high hospitalization rate or 484 per 1,000 Inuit infants. Two infants have recently died, in Nunavut, but the cause of death is still to be determined. The Canadian Paedriatric Society is recommending a specific treatment for high risk babies, which would reduce the severity of RSV infections, but the cost of that treatment is $7,800 per infant.

Lets all be vigilant for this. At the same time, a reminder to get your flu shoot and get your boosters to fight COVID

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