Getting Scarier

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Things are getting more worrisome in the Ukraine everyday. At this point in time, Ukraine is gaining ground in this conflict. Ukraine is ready to take back Kherson from the Russians. Riussia took over this city early in the war and losing it willk represent a major setback. Morale of the Russian troops, in Ukraine, is low. They are working with old weapons. Some of their armour, such as body armour, are being purchased by the troops themselves. Troops are being held in confinement for refusing orders.

Putin is literally fighting for his life right now. Protests, within Russia, are growing. Putin’s own state tv are seeing more and more voices expressing dissatisfaction with what is happening. Putin knows that if this ends badly, resignation will be the least of his worries.

Putin has threatened the use of a nuclear option for a while now. A couple of disturbing statements are bringing this threat closer to home. Russia’s Deputy UN amdassador Dmitry Polyanskiy, at a UN Security Council meeting, yesterday, accused Ukraine of preparing to use a dirty bomb, laced with radioactive material. There is no evidence of this. Common sense also says that if Ukraine actually used such a bomb, on Russia, it would Putin justification of returning, in kind, 100 fold. That is scary in itself. It gets worse. Aleksay Pavlov, assistant secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation said that Russia needs to carry out the “desatanization” of Ukraine given that it has turned into a “totalitarian hypersect”, where Ukrainians have abandoned Orthodox values. According to Pavlov,

“Using network manipulations and psychotechnologies, the new authorities turned Ukraine from a state into a totalitarian hypersect. Moreover, those in power in Kyiv were the first to turn into militant fanatics, whose views are directly opposite to the views of normal people.”

As Erin Burnett, of CNN, aptly stated “where do you go from here”.

This is scary stuff. There are reports that Putin is getting more emotional by the day. Given the state of his military, Putin is running out of options. If there is ever a time for an overthrow in Russia, this would be it. Fingers crossed.

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