Two Sided Oopps

As per yesterday’s chirp. Putin is in a desparate situation, given that his anticipated Ukraine victory is falling apart. Oner of the reasons is the vast military support provided by the US and its NATO allies. Putin keeps hoping for the walls of US military support to start cracking. The prospects of this happening appeared good about ten days ago. But like the chance of a successful Ukraine outcome, this prospect is also falling apart.

Pramila Jayapal is the leader of the Democrat Congressional Progressive Congress. She, a.long with 30 other Progressives had signed a letter, nack in June, to be sent to the Biden administration calling for more diplomacy in Ukraine. This letter appeared to undercut Biden’s strong military aid support for Ukraine. The letter, once it came to light, was blasted by fellow Democrats. Jayapal, quickly withdrew the letter. Many of those who signed the letter stated that the letter was drafted in June. They added that the situation, in Ukraine, had changed, since then. They said that had the letter been drafted today, they would not have signed it. So much for that crack in ther wall.

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, last week, suggested that if the GOP regained power, in the House, come the midterms, that the GOP might pull back funding support to Ukraine. This was appearing to gain traction given that the biggest supporter of such was Putin ally, Tucker Carlson, who does have the one show on Fox Propoganda (also known as Fox News). Putin is also a friend of Trump, so whatever Trump says, his loyal Trumpkins would follow. Funny thing happened though. There are still a number of defense hawks in the GOP conference. They took McCarthy to task, resulting in McCarthy backing down on his comments. He is now saying that he would closely at how the funding to Ukraine was being spent. While another crack in Putin’s desired wall has disappeared, it does show cracks in the GOP ranks between the trumpkins and (how do I say this without being insulting – I can’t), the normal people.

Meanwhile, there is a war going on.

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