Sick Puppies

There is a sickness running through the Republican party right now. The Grand Old Party (GOP) should rightfully be named the Pathetic Old Party (POP). This sickness started with Trump and now his Trumpkin base are taking off with it. The latest evidence of this is the response to the brutal attack on Paul Pelosi.

David DePape broke into the Pelosi house with the intent of kidnapping Nancy Pelosi. His intention was to get “the truth” out of Pelosi and if she did not do so he was going to break her kneecaps and send her to congress in a wheelchair. Nancy Pelosi was not at home but her husband was. DePape ended up hammering Paul Pelosi’s skull, arm and hand. Depape’s social media is full of right wing conspiracy theories and January 6 disinformation.

The right wing has twisted itself into knots shifting the blame away from what they created. Donald Trump called the attack “a terrible thing” and then blamed the incident on crime in America, stating that its worse in America than it is in Afghanistan. Many, on the right, have followed his lead.

It gets worse. Far worse. Elon Musk, chief twit, posted a link, on Twitter, from an alleged news site reporting that there was far more to the Pelosi attack story. Supposedly the attack was due to a drunken fight between Paul Pelosi and his gay lover. The link to this garbage was on for six hours before Musk had to take it down. Even though it was up for only six hours, it received 100,000 likes and 28,000 retweets. The damage is done. This supposed news site is the same site that back in 2016 reported that Hilary Clinton had died and was replaced by a body double

It gets far worse. Marjorie Taylor Greene jumped on the Elon Musk tweet and ran with it. She was upset when the tweet was taken down.

“The same mainstream media democrat activists that sold conspiracy theories for years about President Trump and Russia are now blaming Elon Musk for ‘internet misinformation’ about Paul Pelosi’s friend attacking him with a hammer,”

Believe it or not it gets worse. Donald Trump Jr. Chief Trumpkin, posted memes relating to the attack. One of the memes showed a hammer laying on underwear with the following caption.

“Got my Paul Pelosi Halloween costume ready,”

He actually posted that. These are just the highlights (lowlights?) of the right wing response to the Pelosi attack. The midterms are a week from now. A lot of candidates, like Greene, are going to be elected. The POP (deliberate) might control the House and the Senate. Trump could be President again in 2024. This sickness is not being contained it is growing into an epidemic. I truly fear America will be lost.

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  1. I used to meet conservative Republicans I could respect if not agree with. That almost never happens now.

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