What Honking?

Attribution to Maksim Sokolov (Maxergon) – Own Work

Watched a bit of the Emergency Act Inquiry this week and one phrase came to mind, that being Donald Trump’s “Don’t believe what you see on tv” (paraphrase). This week, the convoy organizers and leaders, though they claimed not to be such, had their turn to testify. Many of these people are facing upcoming trials for their actions.

I lived in the Ottawa area for a number of years. So the streets and locations shown during the protests are quite familiar to me. I know what I saw on tv. Reporters being harassed, Nazi and Confederate flags being displayed, police being roughed up, confrontations, intimidation, the horn honking, stores shut down because anti-vaccers were occupying them without masks. A number of businesses had to shut down including all the businesses within the Rideau Mall. All the tv networks that I watched pretty well had the same analysis. Well, all but one. Of course that being Fox Propoganda (also known as Fox News) where Trudeau was labelled a dictator and the protesters were not causing any trouble.

Like I said, I know what I saw on tv. What the organizers testified this week was, what I would call, not just alternative facts but an alternative universe. Tamara Lich, who became one of the prominent faces of the protest was presented with logs saying that the protesters had to leave. She did not recall the conversation shown in the log (of course). She doesn’t remember being told to leave. She thought it was just a suggestion. She remembers crying during that meeting because

“I believe I said something to the effect of, ‘I cannot believe that you’re about to do this to your own people, … I was crying because of what they were proposing to do to Canadian citizens…My understanding was that as long as we were peaceful and complied with the order, we were permitted to stay,” 

Daniel Bulford, another organizer and former RCMP sniper admitted to encouraging protesters to stay after the Emergency Act, was invoked. His explanation is mind boggling.

“I was naively hoping that my brothers and sisters in law enforcement would see the truth on the ground as opposed to what the government and the media was saying, and that they would take a historic opportunity to stand up for our Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” 

Two other protesters who were arrested were asked repeatedly, how they would feel, if theirt city and neighbourhood was occupied, their citizens intimidated, horns honking. One, after much helling and hawing admitted that it could be uposetting, while the other said he would have joined the protesters.

With regard to the honking, Tamara Lich said that she hardly heard it from her hotel room. Benjamin Dichter, a trucker, stated the following.

“If I’m staying in downtown Ottawa right in the core of all of it and I’m not hearing honking, I don’t know where the honking’s coming from,”

According to Dichter, the downtown was eerily silent and he inimated, that those who complained about the honking may have been lying, for motives unknown. He stated that the protest was all “peace, love, unity and freedom”.

Then, of course, there was Pat King, another face of the protest, who was very flippant, during his testimony, and called the whole event “Woodstock”.

As I said, I know what I saw on tv. After seeing what is happening in the US with the Trumpkins and watching the Inquiry this week I fear that we are in a time where two people could look at the midday sun and one of those people will say it is pitch dark outside. Sad.

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