We Bite Back

Attribution to Debbie Rowe – Own Work

Went on Twitter this morning and I wanted to see what my daughter had tweeted and liked since yesterday. I usually retweet a bunch of her tweets. So, I searched her name and could not find it. Instead I got Elon Musk. Huh? Did it again and same thing. Well this person is following me. So, I hit enter, and, sure enough it is her but she is using the name Elon Musk. What is going on? I see another tweet praising Valerie Bertinelli for identifying herself with his name. Then I go to topics and I see a whole bunch of Elon Musk identifications.

This is all about Musk wanting to charge people all $8/month verifying that they are who they say they are. Once verified, you have a blue check placed beside your name. Well, everyone is claiming to be Musk.

Elon, Twitter is a consumer driven site. You have already lost a bunch of advertising revenue with all the advertisers who have pulled out. Now you have pissed off the consumers of the site. We, the consumers, have made a mockery of your attempted profit driven actions. You paid $44 Billion dollars to acquire Twitter. Your greed may end up you being bankrupt. You did it to yourself Elon. You must have taken the Donald Trump course on how to bankrupt a company.

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