Last week was a pretty bad week for Republicans and this week is not going to be much better. This week is usually the week that both Republicans in the House and Senate decide on the leaders will be, in January. Usually. However, with the crashing of the Red Wave on the rocks, this might not happen this week. Rick Scott, Senator from Florida, and chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee has already suggested that the Senate vote be pushed back, saying that it “doesn’t make any sense” to have it this week. Both, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are going full board having meetings and making phone calls to firm up their standing as leaders. However, the blame game is goiung to be vicious, this week. Also, both McConnell and McCarthy are facing harsh criticism and challenges from the lunatic right, also known as MAGA members. Andy Biggs, a congressman from Arizona is considering running against McCarthy, while track runner star, Josh Hawley has already said he will not support a McConnell nomination.

While the finger pointing is going on, the elephant in the room is Donald Trump. A number of candidates he supported lost. Of course, he is blaming everyone except himself for the losses. Even Melania got blamed for suggesting, to Donnie, that he support Oz in Pennsylvania. There are some that are directly pointing the finger at Donnie, such as retired Pennsylvanian Republican Senator, Pat Toomey, who said,

“I think my party needs to face the fact that if fealty to Donald Trump is the primary criteria for selecting candidates, we’re probably not going to do really well.”

However, shockingly, these criticisms of Trump are still far and few between. The Trumpkin base is still strong. They will believe what they want to believe and they will not tolerate any criticism of their (fill in the blank). Furthermore, many in the partry are begging Trump not to declare has candidacy for President yet. However,k he seems determined to do so anyway. He claims that he has a lot of dirt on likely rival “Ron DeSanctimonious”

Fun times.

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