Catch Phrases

Repiublicans use a number of catch phrases after a mass shooting. There is the standard “thoughts and prayers” This phrase has been thrown back at them. There is the “now is not the time to talk about gun control”. They are starting to a roll out a new, already wearing this, phrase “There is no place for violence in our community”. I will tell you what there is no place for.

There is no place for going to a Walmart in Chesapeake Virginia, to get groceries, and getting gunned down.

There is no place for going to a grocery store in Buffalo New York to get a few things and getting gunned down by a white supremacist.

There is no place for going to an outdoor concert in Las Vegas and be part of a mass shooting.

There is no place for going to a safe haven bar in Colorado Springs and not going back home.

There is no place being unable to go to a rivalry football game because the game has been cancelled after three of the team’s footballplayers were gunned down in the team bus.

There is no place for sending your little kid to school and being unable to recognize their bodies later in the day because the bodies have been shredded by bullets. And then being harassed by Alex Jones followers for a decade.

I am beyond fed up. Freaking Americans with their “you won’t take away my guns” and their freaking second amendment rights. Oh, and now, most of our Canadian gun related murders are due to guns smuggled in from the US. Have a nice freaking day.

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