Pressure Rising

Attribution to Fars Media Coroporation

This is Voria Ghafouri, an Iranian of Kurdish ancestry. He is a soccer player who is captain of his team, Foolad, in the Persian Gulf Pro League. He has been a member of the Iran national team, but, was not selected to be part of the World Cup team, this year. He has just been arrested on charges of having,

“tarnished the reputation of the national team and spread propaganda against the state.”

Voira has long been a critic of the Iranian regime, including criticizing the regime for banning women from men’s soccer matches and criticizing their foreign policy. Recently he called on the regime to end their crackdown on demonstrators in Iran’s Kurdistan region.

The protests have not abated. Funerals were held today in a number of Kurdish cities for demonstrators recently killed in the region Many Iranian stores were closed in sympathy. as well, workers walked off their jobs.

At the World Cup, Iran played Wales today. Pro government Iranians clashed with protesters outside the stadium today. The Iranian team, facing reprisals, did sing (more liked mouthed) the anthem half heartedly today, after not singing the anthem in their initial World Cup match. The stadium screen showed the team singing, resulting in boos from a number of fans. A number of fans were also seen weeping.

The Emergency Act inquiry is continuing here in Canada. Protesters are claiming that the government is fascist and communist because they faced mask mandates. When comparing them to what is happening in Iran, they look like spoiled little brats.

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