Justin Cleans Up

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During football games, Thursday and Friday, I watched some of the testimony of Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau, at the emergency Act Inquiry. They both performed well. Trudeau was on the stand for a number opf hours Friday, always calm, never provoked and giving thought through measured responses to each question.

I especially enjoyed the interplay between the convoy lawyers with both Freeland and Trudeau. Brendan Miller was the convoy lawyer, on Thursday. He became visibly agitated when Freeland kept giving responses that Miller did not like. Miller had a rough week this week. He tried to spread a theory that the Government, colluded with the media and a PR firm called Enterprise Canada to discredit the convoy protesters. He accused an Enterprise Canada employee of carrying a Nazi flag during the protests. The judge dismissed the claim. Miller had also been ejected out of the room earlier this week after continuously talking over the judge. He was later allowed back in, after apologizing. Miller is currently being sued by Enterprise Canada, for libel. Miller ended his day Thursday by accosting a person who Miller thought, was the employee who had been carrying the Nazi flag. Turned out that it was not the person, Miller thought. It was a liberal staffer who laughed at Miller and called him an idiot.

Nearly 90% of Canadians have been vaccinated. On Friday, it was Eva Chipiuk, as the convoy lawyer cross examining Trudeau. She experienced the same agitation that Miller experienced the day before. She led off a number of questions with the Phrase “you would agree that…” Not surprisingly, Trudeau did not agree and explained why. Chipiuk ended her round of questions by quoting statements from three convoy supporters who experienced difficulties due to the vaccination mandates. Trudeau replied by saying that he felt for them, but he also had sympathy for all those who died of COVID because they thought the vaccine was more of a threat that COVID.

It is pretty clear that the judge will rule that the invocation of the Emergency Act was justified. The convoy organizers are already making excuses saying that the hearing was rigged. Sound familiar? A number of Liberal cabinet members testified at the inquiry. It is interesting that Doug Ford, Candace Bergen and Pierre Poilievre did not.

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  1. Long Occupation versus peaceful demonstration, calling it a Freedom Convoy while people in Ukraine are actually fighting for their freedom left a bad taste in most peoples’ mouths.

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