Not Enough

Picture sourced from New York Post

I did a chirp a few weeks back, on Elnaz Rekabi. She was the |Iranian woman who competed in a climbing competition in Seoul, South Korea, without a hijab. It sdent shockwaves, back in Iran. the video, of her competing without the hijab, went viral and she became a hero to the Iranian freedom movement. However, human rights organizations feared for her safety.

When her flight arrived at the Tehran airport, she was greeted by throngs of Iranian supporting her. She was able to post on her Instagram account, the following,

“I am endlessly grateful for the support of you, all the people of Iran, the most decent people of the planet, athletes and non-athletes, and all your support in [the] international community.” 

After she returned to Iran, she and her brother appeared on Iranian State tv, where she apologized for not wearing the hijab, saying that she had simply forgotten to wear it. Apparently, that was not enough for the Iranian regime. She was placed under house arrest at her father’s house. She was also prohibited from giving interviews to the media, or, from using her cell phone. According to IranWire, an Iranian news website, she was told by the National Olympic Committee and the Minister of Sports that,

“…her family’s land would be confiscated if she leaves the country, gives interviews to the media or starts sensitive activities on his social pages,”

Apparently, that was not enough for the Iranian regime. IranWire is reporting that her family home was demolished by Iranian officials, this weekend. There are videos, going viral, allegedly showing her family home in flames. The persecution continues.

However, the Iranian regime may be showing signs of cracking. The Attorney General for Iran has just announced, an hour ago, that the Iranian morality police is being disbanded. This announcement is so recent that no one really knows yet, what the implications of this announcement are. I will do a follow up chirp in a couple of days. By then, both the implications, of this announcement, should be clear, as well, as, the reactions of the Iranian people. Until then, enjoy your |Sunday.

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