Breaking Point?

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It has been nearly three months since Mahsa Amini died in hospital after being arrested for improperly wearing her hijab. Eyewitnesses report that she was severely beaten and died of police brutality.

Since her death, on September 16, protests have occurred daily, with no signs of diminishment. The Iranian regime has utilized hard line tactics in attempting to suppress the protests. Leading entertainment and sports figures have been arrested or threatened with arrests for supporting the protests. Schools have been raided and children taken away for “re-education”. Over 400, including women and children, have died. Three weeks ago, the Iranian regime proclaimed that either the protests end on a specific day or harsher penalties would be inflicted. The protests did not stop. In the past week, alone, the Iranian World Cup team and families were threatened, after the team did not sing the national anthem, at their first game. Over the weekend, the home of Elnaz Rekabi, sports climber was burnt down, weeks after she did not wear a hijab at a competition. Furthermore, five people, so far, have been sentenced to death for their participation in the protests

The tide may be turning though. According to US sources the Iranian regime has locked itself into a vicious cycle where they have lost touch with their own people and with the international community. Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri declared, on Saturday, that the morality police have been disbanded. There has been no confirmation of this happening from the Interior Ministry, who are in charge of the military police. Iranian State media also confirmed that Montazeri has no authority to make such a statement. Montazeri also claimed that the regime was reviewing the law on the compulsory hijab On Sunday, senior Iranian officials did meet and issued a statement stating that the government “was paying attention to the people’s real demands”.

Iran has been isolated in the past few years, given their support of terrorism. It has become further isolated since they have begun providing military supplies to Russia. The Iranian regime may be coming close to a breaking point. Protesters are calling for a three day general strike this week. If there is massive support for this it will only serve to increase the tensions. Some European analysts have stated that the regime may not recover from this. This is where the phrase “thoughts and prayers” is meaningful. Hoping that the will of the Iranian people, is victorious, with as little additional bloodshed as possible. More chirps to follow on this.

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