Unhappy Dance

This is Kevin McCarthy. He has been the Republican House Minority leader durining the current term of Congress. He wants to be the House Speaker, so bad, that he can taste it. He was sure that he was going to get it. All his friends were telling Kevin that the red wave was going to bring such an overwhelming Reublican majority in Congress, that he would be a shoo-in for House Speaker. Kevin knew that a lot of these seats would be loyal Trumpkins, so he has been Donnie’s best friend ever since a few days after January 6. Right after January 6, McCarthy blasted Trump for his actions on January 6. He wanted Trump gone. But then, all the Trumpkins kept showing their love for Donni. So, in late January 2021, Kevin went to Mar-a-Lago to kiss Donnie’s ring and asked if he could be Donnie’s friend again. His BFF.

Thing is, Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. The Republicans lost the Senate. Also, the Republicans only got 222 congressional seats, where a majority would be 218. Kevin becoming the House Speaker was no longer a shoo-in. There are already five Congressional Trumpkins who said there would be no way they would vote Kevin in as Speaker. This includes Andy Biggs, Republican from Arizona and alleged pedophile Matt Gaetz. Take away those five votes and you are left with 217, which is one less than Kevin needs to get the House Speakership

What is Kevin to do? He needs to get the full support of Trumpkins to get elected as House Speaker. At the same time, he needs to hold on Republican moderates. Yes there are still a few. When Donnie decided to have neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes for dinner, Kevin said that there is no room for White Supremacists in the Republican Party and that Trump has condemned Fuentes at least four times already. Trump has not condemned Fuentes at all.

So what is going to happen. The vote for House Speakership happens on January 3. McCarthy will most likely not reach 218 votes on the first ballot. That means a second ballot vote will happen for the first time in over 100 years. All this is happening at a time where Trumpism is imploding. Donnie saying that parts of the Constitution should be terminated is a good reason why. Kevin could sell out to the Trumpkins and give powerful Chairmanships to loonies like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andy Biggs. But he risks losing moderates. In an extreme worse case scenario, some moderate Republicans could vote in a Democrat, like Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. Oh my!

My gut feeling is that McCarthy will get the job. But it will be a Congressional clown show for the next two years. Their stated priorities are Hunter Biden’s laptop and impeaching Biden. The lunatics will be running the asylum.

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