Mish Mash

So many things that could be covered today. Will give quick tweets on each of them.

Ten years ago today, 26 people, including 20 children between six and seven, were shot and killed at Sandy Hook. This happened 11 days before Christmas. I remember thinking if this doesn’t change things, nothing will. Ten years later and assault weapons are still being sold and universal background checks have not been implemented. Tiny baby steps have been taken. Many more lives will be lost.

Senate and House leaders look like they have agreed to a spending package that will last for an entire year. Adults are in the room. All the leaders have agreed except for, no surprise here, Kevin McCarthy. He wants a government shutdown. He also wants to be house speaker. He might get neither. For everything that there is to dislike about Mitch McConnell, Mitch knows, the last thing the US needs is a shutdown. He also knows that funds need to be freed up to support Ukraine next year. He remembers the Soviet Union. He knows how evil Putin can be.

Tucker Carlson is on the defensive, as more people are questioning whether he is actually a Russian agent. Does not help Tucker that Russian State tv has been ordered to play as much Tucker Carlson, as possible. I too am old enough to remember the Soviet Union and how evil former KGB agent Putin, is. My parents decided to come to Canada, rather than live in Soviet occupied Poland, after WW2.

Cinderella will lose her slipper today when Morocco loses to France, at the World Cup.

Finally, Beijing is deserted today. Not because of COVID shutdowns. Rather, COVID has exploded in Beijing and people are staying home to a avoid being infected. This will give ammunition to the anti-Mandate people who will claim that China’s zero tolerance policy did not work. All it did was delay the COVID onslaught in China.

One more thing, actually. Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is tightening the noose on Trump, with new subpoena coming out each day, including one for Georgia’s secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Brad is the recipient of Donnie’s “11,870 votes” phone call. This is amidst allegations that Donnie may have more classified documents in a storage shed in Florida. All of the above in the last 24 hours.

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