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The Richneck Elementary Scholl, in Newport News, Virginia is going to be closed on Monday. Like kids all over, any unexpected day off from school would be met with “hey great” shouts, from the kids at this school. Will the school be closed because of a weather event, ot busted pipes? No. Not this time. The school will be closed because, on Friday afternoon, a six year old kid shot a teacher, in class, and, it was not an accident. The kid is now in custody and the teacher is fighting for her life.

Think about this. A six year old kid. SIX YEARS OLD!. There is so many things wrong with this. How did the kid get the gun to begin with? What kind of parents allow a kid to get his hands on a loaded gun? How did the kid get the gun into school? In his backpack? What kind of environment did this SIX YEARS OLD kid live in to think that it was ok to bring a gun to school and shoot someone? SIX YEARS OLD. I am not just talking about the home environment. I am also talking about a country wide second amendment argument.

America, what the f is wrong with you?!

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