Then Again, Not

Attribution to Tyler Merbler from USA

There are so many things going on in the world, but like a moth drawn to flame, I can’t help but be drawn to the lunacy happening in Washington, this week. Today, after 11 failed attempts, the House will begin its fourth day of trying to elect a House Speaker. The most such attempts made in nearly 200 years. Today is also the two year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection

Yesterday, the chirp was on how the terrorists have won. The chirp today will take the “not so fast” view. Republicans are getting fed up with their own clown show. Fox Propaganda (also known as Fox News) is getting paranoid as to what to do. Tucker and Sean are at loggerheads as to how this should lay out. Fox is so embarrassed that they are leading some of their news shows with anything but what is happening in Congress. One good thing that is happening is that the House will recess for the weekend and Congress Members will go home and face the wrath of their constituents who will, no doubt, be shouting “we elected you to do your job, so freaking do it!”.

As mentioned, today is the second anniversary of the insurrection. As 2021 and 2022 unfolded, a majority of Republicans held fast to the notion of Trump’s lie that the election was stolen. “Stop the Steal!”. There was a plethora of election deniers nominated to run in the 2022 November midterms. Trump was riding high, despite the January 6 Committee hearings and the numerous investigations on Trump and his organizations. The red tsunami in November was going to put the Democrats in their place and cripple Biden. Well, that did not happen. The predicted large majority ended up as a slim one and included George Santos who makes Trump look like a truth teller.

The Republicans are in disarray and Trump’s power is whittling away. Trump is still endorsing McCarthy and predicted that the clown show would end yesterday. Here we are in day 4. Trump was nominated for Speaker yesterday and got a total of one vote. Three attempts in a row.

The band of election deniers holding Congress hostage are being attacked by friend and foe, alike. The myth of the 2020 election being stolen is slowly deteriorating. There will be Republican led investigations, once a Speaker is nominated. But the clown show over the last three days will show that the investigations to come will be a sham.

All the focus this week has been on the Congress clown show. However, that is not the only thing happening. Trump’s tweets are getting wilder and more insulting with each passing day. Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is continuing his work. Investigations in Georgia and New York are continuing. Biden and Democrat led Senate are still governing. Terrorist Putin is not doing so well these days. So have the terrorists won? Not so fast.

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