Not The Same

The conservative media is going nuts over the fact that classified documents were discovered in an office that Joe Biden used when he was working with the University of Pennsylvania. Conservative talking heads are screaming that Joe Biden’s home needs to be raided by the FBI “Why have they not been raided yet, like our dear leader, President Trump?” My response “whooooaaa big fella!”

Short and sweet. Trump had hundreds of classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago. Biden had less than a dozen. No excuse. They are still classified documents. I agree. Both circumstances must be fully investigated. The Biden documents are being investigated by a Trump appointed judge.

National Archives new that there were missing documents with Trump. They did not know that with Biden. If Biden had kept it quiet, no one would ever have known

Trump fought hard to keep the classified documents. Even after being subpoenaed, he still did not release all the documents. As soon as Biden’s lawyer found the documents, they were turned over immediately to the proper authorities

The documents seized at Mar-a0Lago included personal documents. Trump wanted a Special Master to review all documents for the purpose of delay, delay. Biden’s documents were found in boxes labelled “personal files” Biden’s team, rather than fighting to keep actual personal files, handed over all files. No Special Master requested.

Trump has fought all the way. Biden cooperated all the way.

So, basically, no comparison. There is one thing. The files were found on November 2, which was six days before the midterms. Conservatives are screaming why did not this news come out then. Seriously? Would any politician admit to an unforced error six days before an election. Look what happened to Hillary, back in the 2016 election, when James Comey announced issues with her emails, just days before the election.

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