Donnie 2.0

We all know about the lies that Donald Trump spews out on a daily basis. Well, Donnie has nothing on this guy, pictured above. This is George Santos. He is a first time Republican congressman, who won a previously held Democrat seat in New York. You may have noticed him on tv last week during the House Speaker farce. He was the one usually sitting or standing by himself. Though the cameras did show him sitting beside Marjorie Taylor Greene, for a bit

Since his election win, last November, Santos has become one of the most well known congressman in the House. This is so due to his tendency to embellish facts. Let’s call it what it is, he is a pathological liar who puts Donnie to shame. He might even be Donnie’s secret love child.

Some of George’s more outlandish claims include claiming to be Jewish (nope), going to a number of educational institutions (nope), winning the volleyball championship for one of his educational institutions (sure), and, having his mother die twice. There is a lot more I could describe, but, why?

Republicans in Congress have been pretty quiet about George. But Republicans in his home state are calling for his resignation. George, so far, has defiantly stated “hell no, I won’t go”. Speaker McCarthy has been barraged daily as to what he will do with George. One of his responses has been “I will follow the constitution” What does that even mean?

If Republicans actually had a red wave in the midterms, and had a heavy majority in the House, George would have already been kicked out. The problem is, the red wave turned into a trickle and the Republicans only have a slim majority. Republicans know that if they did kick George out, a special election to replace him, would most likely result in a Democrat being elected. this would whittle away at an already slim Republican majority.

For now, Republicans, in the House, will keep trying to bury their heads in the sand on this one. I need to rush. My limo is picking me up soon. My Lear jet is flying me to Washington. I am meeting with Joe Biden about those darned classified files later today.

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