Your Fault

Attribution to Taymaz Valley from Ottawa

Iran is suffering through its worse drought in 50 years. The reason for this, according to Mohammad-Mehdi Hosseini Hamedani, the Supreme Leader’s representative in the city of Karaj is due to women breaking taboo by removing their headscarves in public. According to Hamedani, this breaking of the law,

“has caused a lack of precipitation across the country”.

The drought has affected households, agriculture and caused power blackouts throughout the country. Hamedani stated that the wearing of the hijab must be strictly enforced and called women who do not observe this as “the enemy”

“It is not possible to imagine that we are living in an Islamic country when we enter some institutions, shopping malls, pharmacies, etc.!” 

Iran’s clerics have done this before. as an example, back in 2016, another Supreme Leader representative stated that women acting like Europeans,

“…are the reason for the city’s river, Zayandeh-Roud (Zayanderud), to go dry and added that if this continues, its headwaters will also dry up.”

One can say that these are Muslim fanatics and what do you expect. Pat Robertson blamed the 2010 Haiti earthquake on that country’s “pact with the devil”. Jerry Falwell blamed 9/11 on gays and lesbians. Pastor John Hagee blamed Katrina on New Orleans’ level of sin. Pat Robertson, not wanting top be topped, predicted in 2006 that there would be

“…earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados — volcanic eruption. The coasts will be lashed by storms and disasters and, yet, this still isn’t the big one. Bigger ones are even coming”.

Meanwhile, the protests in Iran continues. It will not go away.

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