The Republican clown show is getting frightening. Kevin McCarthy needed 15 votes before he became House Speaker. He got his speakership only after making major concessions to the lunatic fringe of the party. There was a supposed three page agreement, outlining the concessions, but that agreement has never been publicized.

Committee assignments have been made over the past few days and the assignments are full of election deniers and those who voted against the Biden confirmation on the night of January 6, just hours after the January 6 insurrection.

Jim Jordan, commonly called Gym Jordan in the twitter verse, is now Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He has already promised to investigate everything about Biden, the FBI and the Department of Justice. Election deniers Mike Rogers is now Chair of the Armed Services Committee and Mark Greene is Chair of Homeland Security. Domestic white nationalist terrorism is on the rise in the US. Do not count on Greene to put any major efforts to address this issue. Though maybe he will after a major political figure is assassinated. All you need to do is look at the Republican reaction after Paul Pelosi was nearly beaten to death. This does not bode well at all

It gets worse. Loon Marjorie Taylor Greene is now on the Homeland Security Committee. Rebel Matt Gaetz is on both the Judiciary Committee and the Armed Services Committee. Other loons appointed to committees include Paul Gosar, he is the one who did an anime video of him killing AOC, and total nut case Lauren Boebert. If you think the House Speaker voting process were clown shows, thatr will be nothing compared to any televised committee hearings where any of the above will be participating in.

Then we have George Santo or whatever his real name is The former ‘volleyball star” whose mother died twice, has been appointed to two low level committees. He lobbied to be on an additional two higher profile committees but was turned down.

Roger Williams, Chairman of one of the committees Santos will be on defended the appointment by saying,

“I don’t condone what he said, what he’s done. I don’t think anybody does. But that’s not my role. He was elected.”

What is more frightening is what Speaker McCarthy said. He claims not to know about Santos embellishing his resume. The Congress clown show for the next two years would be hilarious, if not for the frightening consequences. The next two years will make the Trump presidency look like a period of calm.

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