We all know about the classified documents fiasco at Mar-a-Lago. President Biden was highly critical of that fiasco and justifiably so. A Special Prosecutor was appointed. Not so fast Joe Biden. Was not there something from the Bible about he who is not without sin can throw the first stone. Oh, and there is another saying about throwing stones and glass houses. Whatever.

Classified files in an office that Joe Biden once used. Then classified files found at his home. Even worse, some of these files going back to when Biden was a Senator. Ooops! Time for Republicans to get on their high horse. Republicans in Congress are going to do an investigation on Biden, in relation to the files. Mike Pence, holier than thou, criticized Biden as well. Then, classified files were found at Pence’s house. Given Pence is deeply religious, his cuss word used was probably ooops!

This has taken the heat off Biden. Trump also feels that this mess has taken the heat off him, as well. Not so fast, Donnie. Biden and Pence, as soon as they knew about the files contacted the appropriate authorities. Donnie, you deliberately hid the files, even after a subpoena. Then you claimed those files were yours and fought to keep them.

A couple of questions though. Is the Republican led congress going to include the Pence files in their investigation? Will DOJ appoint yet another special prosecutor to review the Pence affair.

Donnie, during his mess, made claims that Obama had classified files in a Chicago warehouse and George Bush had classified files in a Chinese restaurant, in Texas. While Donnie was making these outlandish claims to save his skin, he might actually be right. Even a broken clock tells the truth twice in a day. Or something like that.

This is a classified file nightmare. Pence and Biden I suspect were accidents, but still it happened. It could have happened with the Obama’s accidentally. Republicans will likely say that it probably happened, on purpose, with the Clintons. It could have happened with others who had authorized access to classified files, such as Biden when he was a Senator. Where does DOJ go from here? Do they start investigation every person who had authorized access to classified files for the past number of years. Do they have enough manpower Are there enough Special Prosecutors?

This would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

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