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The Iran protests keeps getting buried under other news but the protests continue and they are still going strong. This is now 4 1/2 months since the murder of Mahsa Amini.

Most of the protests are happening in Sunni majority regions. For example, the city of Zahedan saw protests for the 17th straight Friday Protesters were shot at by security forces. a number of young Iranians have lost eyes due to the practice of security forces shooting pellets at the faces of protesters. A number of Sunni clerics have been dismissed for supporting and attending protest rallies. As one cleric stated the protests that are occurring now are for the same reasons as the protests that occurred at the start of the Iranian revolution in 1978. While the Shah was the oppressor then with the savak secret police, the oppressors now ore the hard-line clerics with the domestic security forces.

Over 500 people have been killed during the protests, with 20,000 arrested and 4 executed for the charge of waging war against God. Underground rave parties are being held through Iran, in spite of the risk of persecution. Aida, a DJ and music producer who emigrated from Iran to Canada a number of years still has friends and relatives in Iran. Regarding the rave parties she stated that,

“You would basically think that you are in a warehouse in Europe or in the US somewhere when you go into these underground parties. Because nothing really looks different. But it’s a huge risk for the people who attend, the people who organise and the DJs.”

Aida, along with a fellow DJ recently produced an album called “Women, Life, Freedom” It is a compilation of music by Iranian women, procers and musicians. As mentioned in other chirps this is not going away.

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