Liberate Canada!

Attribution to Gage Skidmore from Surprise Arizona

I will try to keep this short because this moron is just simply not worth it. I will use his own words too, to show his stupidity. First of all, I guess he is still riding high for vanquishing the M&M mascots. On one of his shows, last week, he set his sights on Canada and its three-time elected “authoritarian” dictator Justin Trudeau. Attacking the way Trudeau handled the 2022 convoy disruption. This is from the Putin lover that Tucker is.

“I’m completely in favour of a Bay of Pigs operation to liberate that country. Why should we stand back and let our biggest trading partner, the country with which we share the longest border, and actually, I’ll just say, a great country, I love Canada, I’ve always loved Canada because of its natural beauty, why should we let it become Cuba? Like, why don’t we liberate it? We’re spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians, why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau? And, I mean it.”

Carlson later said that he was whipping himself into a frenzy and he was saying this in jest. Yeah, right, Tucker.

First of all, how did that Bay of Pigs invasion go. Second of all, Tucker, you are a jerk. He says he loves Canada. Yet in the past he said that Canada is a sick society and that it hates itself. I vividly remember one night (why I was watching I don’t know) Carlson calling Canada the US’ retarded cousin.

I apologize for wasting my time and yours on this clown today.

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