Today’s chirp was going to be on a completely different topic today. But I need to get this out of my system. The Republican led congress is now a month old. Yesterday, Kevin McCarthy booted Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Relations Committee for anti sematic remarks she made in the past. Fine. But Marjorie Taylor Greene is on committees after saying things such as comparing the wearing of masks to the Nazi’s holocaust and saying that those committing treason should be executed and Nancy Pelosi committed treason. Paul Gosar, who is also on committees previously released an anime video of him killing AOC. Just a joke he says.

Back to Marjorie. Yesterday in committee she claimed that an elementary school in Illinois received $5.1 billion dollars in funding relating to the ‘racist’ (her wording) Critical Race Theory. Other schools must be jealous. She has let loose a couple of priceless tweets lately. In one she is saying that a title wave of truth is coming. That is her spelling of tidal, not mine. Another tweet and I don’t understand the reason behind the tweet, but she stated that Africa had not been invented at the time of Jesus. Let’s not forget her accusation last year of Nancy Pelosi spying on lawmakers like the ‘gazpacho’ police, equating a chilled soup to the Gestapo.

There is Matt Gaetz who continuously defends George Santos. the attacks on Santos, Gaetz claims, is becausew Santos is a fighter. He won’t abide the attacks because “Santos is a Republican like the rest of us”. Matt, ‘truer’ words have never been spoken.

But if there is a stupidity award to be handed out, it would have to go to Lauren Boebert. The US represents 4% of the world’s population. On the House floor yesterday, she noted that the US population owns 46% of the world’s guns. The following is her exact words

“I think we need to get our numbers up, boys and girls.”

Need I say more?

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