Bridge to Sell

Attribution to Suiseiseki – Own work

George C. Parker was a con man who died at the age of 76 in 1936. He is known for his successes in selling the Brooklyn Bridge. Police actually had to remove several of his victims as they were trying to set up toll booths.

George Santos met with Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday of this week. After Santos came out of the meeting, he indicated that he was removing himself from the committees he had been identified for. He said he was too much of a distraction and he would be working on clearing up his name. He claimed that no one suggested he do this. He did this on his own volition. 1f you believe that, then be grateful you did not live in New York during George C Parker’s time You might have been the proud owner of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Later on the same day Santos went on the One America Network (OAN) in a softball interview indicated that he thinks he has nothing really more to say. He has apologized and he will be above board from now on. Poor George. The FBI seems to think that he has a lot more to explain.

This is going to come to a sad end. He does need professional help and I hope he gets it.

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