She Said

Attribution to Georges Biard

This is Harvey Weinstein. Back in 2020 he was found guilty of sexual assault and of rape and was given a 23 year sentence. That was in New York. In late 2022, in Los Angeles he was found guilty of sexual assault, forced oral copulation and of rape. He has not been sentenced, yet, in relation to relation to the LA case. Weinstein was born in 1972, so it is likely he will spend the rest of his life in jail. His legacy is that he spawned to MeToo movement.

Yesterday, I watched a movie called “She Said” The movie is about two New York Times reporters in their quest to publish a story on Weinstein’s history of abusing and raping women. Their roadblock was that no women wanted to go on the record to tell their stories. It is a powerful movie. It brings out how Weinstein used his position of power to get women to submit to his sexual advances. It details how Weinstein ruined the careers of women who did not submit It brings out the number of women, who did submit, having their lives seriousle affected and in cases destroyed. Weinstein is truly an evil man. In a perfect world, this monster would have been brought to justice decades ago. But life is not fair.

The movie also brought out the point that Weinstein is not alone, in the movie industry. People knew but nothing to stop Weinstein. It was common knowledge, but people were afraid of Weinstein’s power and influence. Weinstein had his protectors and apologists, as well. This environment has not gone away. “She Said” was worthy of Academy Award nominations in a number of categories. Yet, it was snubbed. I wonder why.

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